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Annual celebration of ‘Bee Fest’ continues in Greenfield

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — The people of Greenfield take pride in their history of Bee keeping and celebrate each year with a Bee Fest.

Visitors came from all over Franklin county came to admire how sculptures interpret the Bee this weekend. Bees are an unofficial mascot of Greenfield, a town that takes great pride in this once-a-year event.

“What’s really exciting about today is that there’s an unveiling of six Bee sculptures like the one’s behind me, around, within walking distance of downtown which is really exciting,” Mary Chitoines, a Greenfield artist said.

Greenfield just didn’t lay claim to being ‘Bee Town USA,’ Greenfield was once the home of a father, of modern beekeeping.

“It goes back to the original designer of the Bee-Frame who happened to be our minister, our sixth minister, that’s why we do the Bee Fest, why we hold it. And trying to share public information about pollination,” Bee Fest Co-Chair Sandy Thomas said.

This brings us to the contribution of the Bee to the way humans live their lives. Apparently, we have a lot in common with the way they live.

“they symbolize both life and pollination of our plants, so important. But they also reflect the work ethic, sense of community that I think is so prominent in Greenfield,” Greenfield Gallery Owner Rachel Katz said.

The people of Greenfield invite everyone to join them during this weeklong celebration of Bee Fest, and it’s possible you may never look at bees the same way again.

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