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Greenfield gearing up for Bee Fest 2021

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – When it comes to beekeeping, Greenfield is a bit of a hive, especially as we are less than two weeks away from this year’s Bee Fest.

“It’s an obligation but a happy one that we can share this history with the world and help people understand how important it is to preserve the environment for bees,” said Sandy Thomas, the co-chair of the Greenfield Bee Fest. “They’re the vital link to the whole food chain.”

From the skies to the pavement, bees can be found everywhere in downtown Greenfield.

“They represent so much about Greenfield,” said Rachel Katz, the Bee Sculpture Project Lead. “Our work ethic our strong agricultural history, our industriousness, there’s just so much to like about bees.”

Starting on May 22, six bee sculptures will be on display. Rachel Katz came up with the design using a software to mold virtual clay, creating the model with a 3-D printer.

“I just want to brighten up the city,” Katz said. “Give us something to talk about. Give people a reason to stop and look as they’re walking down the street.”

This year will be scaled down, with pockets of events downtown as well as virtual. At the center of it all: a rich history in beekeeping.

Reverend Lorenzo Langstroth was the Pastor at Second Congregational Church in the 1850s, inventing the moveable frame beehive, that inspired so many others to follow.

“His beekeeping skills have been used around the world,” Thomas said. “90 percent of beekeepers still use the Langstroth hive. His invention really changed agriculture and beekeeping forever.”

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